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Fully fenced-in area surrounded by beautiful trails, the Sharon Dog Park is a space for dogs of all breeds to run, frolic, catch balls, wrestle, sniff butts and just be happy.

The park consists of two areas: a large one, featuring a newly built gazeebo for dog parents to enjoy the shade, and a smaller one - for puppies, smaller dogs or just dogs that enjoy a more intimate setting or one on one play. 


The dog park is conveniently located 7 minutes off I-95 in Sharon, Massachusetts halfway between Providence and Boston. We welcome dogs and their owners from all towns whether you are local or just passing through on your way up or down the east coast. There is always someone there whether it's raining or 4 feet of snow.

The park is maintained by the Friends of Sharon Dog Park - a small group of dog parents and volunteers from the area. We rely on community support to keep the park running, so we appreciate your donations either via the donate button (on the left) or via the donation box located on the side of the gazeebo. Your generous support will help us to continue to provide dog toys, water bowls and poop bags as well as keep the park clean and safe for our furry friends.

Capture the holiday magic with Santa at The Dog Park!

When: Sunday, November 12, from 10 AM to 1 PM
Price: $15 per picture (cash, check, or Venmo)
Receive your photo by email for Christmas cards

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Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get a festive photo with Santa! Walk-ins welcome as time allows.


Spread the word to fellow dog lovers, and let's make this event unforgettable for our furry companions. If you have questions or need assistance, drop us a message. We can't wait to see you and your adorable dogs at the event!

About Me

Our Story

On April 13, 2004, the Sharon Board of Selectmen approved the revamping of the "Old Corral" section of Deborah Sampson Park to make it into an official dog park. This section is located between Cedar St. and Gunhouse St. It was an addition to the Sharon greenway.The Sharon Dog Park became one of over 600 official dog parks nationwide.The commonwealth has several dog parks including Boston, Framingham, Cambridge and Jamaica Plain. Before the Dog Park, Sharon dogs had no place to run freely, as many of the area recreation parks banned dogs, while others restricted dogs to being on a leash at all times. Happily, that is no longer the case and we are excited that the dog park has benefitted not only dog owners, but the entire community by preserving a beautiful, secluded forest area for a low impact use.Funds were needed to facilitate the cleanup of the "Old Corral," address seating needs, put up fencing and signage within the park. It became a great addition to our town not only for our canine friends, but for everybody.

Book a Walk

Park Rules

Be nice

  • Don't come before dawn, or leave after dusk. 

  • Parking is available at Deborah Sampson Park on East Foxboro St. Don't park on adjacent streets!

  • Respect peace, privacy and property of the neighbors.

Be Safe

  • Let your dog off leash only AFTER YOU'VE ENTERED through and closed the outer gate.

  • Prong (spike) and choke collars must be removed prior to entry.

  • Puppies must be at least 4 months old to enter the fenced-in area.

  • Never leave your dog unsupervised. Unattended dogs will be impounded.

  • Supervise no more than 2 dogs per adult per visit.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to bring a dog into the Park unless accompanied by an adult.

  • Children under the age of 10 are not allowed inside the fenced-in area.

  • Provide water and a bowl for your dog.


To ensure we can keep the park open during the pandemic, please ensure you follow the CDC guidelines for safety, and if you have any symptoms of COVID, please skip the park and focus on your health and wellbeing at home. 

Be Respectful

  • Dogs must have current town dog license on non-choke collar, and be inoculated, parasite free and healthy.

  • NO POOP LEFT BEHIND! Owners must immediately clean up after their dog. 

  • Do not smoke or bring glass containers or alcohol into the Park. 

  • No matter how cute your dog looks while digging, please ask them not to dig in the park, and promptly fill in the holes they dug out with a shovel (there is usually one next to a tree, but if your dog is a professional digger, you might need to bring your own)

  • Remember, YOU are the owner! The owners must be in verbal control of their dogs at all times to prevent aggressive behavior, and carry a leash. 

  • Everyone has their moods, but if your furry friend becomes rough or unruly, we ask you to promptly leash him or her and leave for the day. Dogs exhibiting a continiuos history of aggressive behavior will not be allowed back in the Park.

  • Please don't bring your female dogs in heat in the Park. 

and Remember:

  • Owners are legally responsible and liable for their dogs and any injuries caused by them. 

  • Violators will be removed from the park. Repeat offenders will be banned. 




From the North, Boston, and South Shore: Take Route 95 South. Continue 4.5 miles to Exit 10/Coney Street. Turn left at top of ramp. Follow winding road (Route 27) for 2 miles to Sharon Center. Take a right on to South Main Street. At first regular traffic light, take a left onto East Foxboro Street. Continue 1/4 mile, parking is on the left. 

From the South and 495 : Take Route 95 North to Exit 8/Mechanic Street. Turn right at top of ramp onto South Main Street. Continue 2 miles to traffic light, take right onto East Foxboro Street. Continue 1/4 mile, parking is on the left


Parking is on the left side opposite to the ball fields. Follow the walking trail that begins on the right side at the back of the parking lot. There is a handicapped space available on Cedar Street.


Please Note: The Sharon Police will issue tickets to improperly parked cars and those in the designated handicapped area on Cedar Street. Use the parking lot at the Deborah Samson Park.


Per Town of Sharon regulations, all dogs must be leashed while moving to and from the Dog Park.

Support Us


The Friends of the Sharon Dog Park is a 501(c)3 charity organization consisting of volunteers whose job is to raise funds, maintain the park and make sure things run smoothly. Here are some of the ways you could help:

- Donate any amount to help us provide free waste bags, service the park, and fund small repairs as needed.

Want to do even more?

In honor of your generous $2,000 donation,
we will install a bench with your name on it
for all the dog parents to rest on.

Or mail your donation to:

Friends of the Sharon Dog Park
86 South Pleasant Street, Sharon, MA 02067

- Bring dog-approved safe toys and tennis balls

- Celebrate the life of your favorite animal friend by donating $50 to have their name engraved on a plaque.

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